The Problems Of Working Alone

says it all really, as soon as something happens that needs immediate attention, work suffers

For a guitar maker, I seem to do an awful lot of other things instead sometimes..

I think its just a symptom of working alone trying to make stuff..  so, what has happened?

CNC broke, again - one week lost


My planer started misbehaving, eventually traced to nuts and set screws shaking loose - one week lost but at least I got to buy a really cool and very long straight edge ;)

1. the drains blocked - now this may seem pretty unremarkable for the average town dweller but living here it means you actually have to sort it yourself, in this case, digging up the pipes themselves and having to replace them, one week lost


2. the trees had to be cleared, I was having trouble getting through the river in the quad and that is what brings the wood over !



3. kitchen lights caught fire... no really ! I turned em on and a fire started with some sort of short, current status - unrepaired.


then I did actually get some work done during this time.. some jigs for a fellow builder

couple of Original Series as well as lots of necks and fingerboards prepared for the current build schedule


well I guess once I have repaired the kitchen lights, I may be left alone to get on with some guitar making !


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