Sanding, riding, fretwork

after making so many bodies and necks, they all need sanding and finishing, this isnt my favourite job but I get cracking

after what seems like an age, the first one is done.  I think I aged 20 years doing the rest but, got there in the end


next up, the necks.  I level the boards, shape the volutes and sand the back / headstock


before starting on the frets, pressing them in and nipping them flush, next up the bevelling but first..


I have some guests that wanna try their hand at trail riding through Wales


and all was going well until I broke my bike.. poor KTM, but I fixed it too !


when I got back to work, it was time to get some colour on.



what is it about me and anything with an engine !!!


well, thats something else to fix, got some plate metal work and replacing a lot of bearings, as well as fork seals, yadda yadda....


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