First Diary of 2012 – Wood !

First Diary of 2012 – Wood !

As many of you know, we are up and running in the new workshop.  Its been very recent because of having to install heating etc but its all done..

Today  we took our first reasonable size delivery.  This is how we manage these deliveries in the middle of nowhere and having to cross a river, enjoy.

some swamp ash arrives… we break out the quad and trailer !

break up the pallet and load that trailer up !

then drive that lot through the river !

and park outside the workshop for loading onto the woodrack

and thats it for now..  thank you to all out customers that have us up to a 2 month waiting list, if we can get it looking good and understandable, we will upload a waiting list so customers can see how long a prospective build may take.



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