Jaden Rose Guitars.

Frustrated as a player by the limitations of production guitars that just missed the mark, Jaden designed his own ideal guitar. Instead of making just one, Jaden set up his own mini factory complete with brand new tooling and CNC machinery to ensure perfect replication and precision every time. Working only with the finest raw materials, every guitar is made entirely by Jaden. Nothing is commissioned or sub-contracted to guitar factories abroad and all hardware is of highest quality. Jaden Rose Guitars produces no more than 200 guitars a year and every one is set up and checked by Jaden personally.


Jaden Rose Guitars available from stock or built to your specification.


Jaden Rose Guitars is a main UK based supplier of DiMarzio Pickups and accessories.


Footage from NAMM 2013 is done, check it here:


High quality tools for a high quality product

Here’s a modern rock guitar that combines resonance, character and speed – a rare combination, a great guitar.

Dave Burrluck - Guitarist Magazine

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Jaden Rose Guitars. Made in England. Played Worldwide.


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